Investment Management

These are definitely uncertain and turbulent times for any investor. Regardless of the size of your account, we recognize that you have struggled, sacrificed and saved for your future or for the future of your heirs. We take very seriously the fact that you have chosen Lakeland Investment Advisors to manage your account, and the portfolios that we recommend are designed based on the most recent financial data available and most importantly on your goals, objectives, wants and needs. We strive to keep the ongoing investment expenses as low as possible while still meeting the allocation objectives that were agreed upon.

Account Analysis

We would be happy to analyze your current investment account to see if it is properly allocated and to determine the amount of fees and/or expenses you are paying. It’s not unusual to find out that you are paying 1.00%-2.50% per year and you probably aren’t even aware of it. 401(k) plans are wonderful while you’re employed, but they are also expensive (typically 2.00% or more annually). That’s why we often recommend rolling them over to an IRA once you leave a company.

Life Insurance

For most clients, we recommend term life insurance for a set period of time. The goal of life insurance is to replace income and not to be used as an investment. Matt Ringler is licensed to sell life insurance in Indiana, Florida and Illinois and would be happy to provide you with quotes from various companies.